About Nathan Lamb

About Nathan Lamb

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My name is Nathan Lamb, and I am fascinated by technology.  I hadn’t experienced the power of the internet until I started college. Living on a farm meant barely getting dial up and usually becoming frustrated before really discovering what the internet had to offer. Even to this day I am amazed at how much information is accessible.

Today, I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. I’m a geek, gamer, car enthusiast, programmer. I am drawn to anything with enough moving parts to be complicated.


Frustration is a tool

I find myself frustrated a lot. Whether, it’s getting stuck learning something new, or taking thirty minutes to get a small screw back into a motherboard. I’ve learned that this frustration makes me even more determined to overcome the source of said frustration. Frustration fuels my determination, and with the power of the internet it’s always possible to prevail.

Why this blog?

I continue to scour the internet daily, and wanted a place to share what I find fascinating. I believe every subject can be technical. If time is taken to break the subject down into its most basic technical aspects it becomes simple. Frustration turns into fuel for motivation. Take cooking, for example. Some foods are difficult to prepare, but if a recipe is found and then broken down into its basic technical aspects, aka. ingredients and steps, it becomes simple. Measure ingredients, prepare them, then finish the dish.

Long winded introduction, but I definitely look forward to sharing more with anyone that wants to read, and hopefully my pain is your gain. Please take a moment to look around and check out my website: www.technicalfrustrations.com.

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